Venus in Fur

"...Tkel's Vanda is a delectable force." - The Baltimore Sun

"Make no mistake, though. This play belongs to Kathryn Tkel and her Vanda. By turns wacky, crass, sweet, sexy, terrifying, manipulative, innocent, insightful, foolish, and utterly amorphous, Tkel delivers a Vanda worth catching. Punchline after punchline lands, new qualities keep coming in, and, perhaps most importantly, the play’s surprising finale feels completely earned." - DC Theater Scene


The Guard 

"Kathryn Tkel’s vulnerable, bright performance as Madeline pivotally draws you into the show’s funny-sad world." - The Washington Post

"Tkel delivers a character consumed with inconsolable grief and does so with a raw and unapologetic force that drives emotions out from deep within her being. Juxtaposing this portrayal of Madeline against her softer and more femininely whimsical portrayal of Henny showcases Tkel’s versatility as a performer.  There is a strangely unique bond between the way her characters interact with Rembrandt and Museum Guard Henry, respectively; though each have moments of a vulnerable bond that are rooted in Tkel’s ability to deliver unwavering moments of truth." - Theatre Bloom


An Octoroon

"The excellent Kathryn Tkel." - The Washington Post

"With a voice like a songbird, Kathryn Tkel is the perfect fit to the titular character of Zoe. With all the elegance and grace of a learned woman and all the command of an authority figure when it comes to placement on the plantation, Tkel delivers an impressive performance in the role, particularly when it comes to raw and earnest confessions of the heart." - Theatre Bloom


Sense and Sensibility

"Kathryn Tkel has the unenviable task of playing the two most unpleasant women in the group; Fanny Dashwood and Lucy Steele. She has the tone of these calculating characters down flat; she smiles as she devastates Elinor, as vividly as the Cheshire cat, only she doesn’t disappear. She enjoys every minute of it."  - DC Metro Theater Arts

“Kathryn Tkel plays two generations of vipers with cold-blooded élan." - DC Theatre Scene


Christmas at Pemberley

“Kathryn Tkel’s Anne de Bourgh is a diverting typhoon of hauteur." - The Washington Post

“You relish Tkel’s bold, bassoon-like performance as Anne, whose personal mantra seems to be that iron will and hauteur conquer all.” - DC Theatre Scene


Fickle! A Fancy French Farce 

"Kathryn Tkel as Silvia has the longest dramatic journey to find true love but she breaks all the rules of a classic lassie. At one point she has The Prince groveling and kissing the floor, discovering she likes ordering others about.  She pulls off being a supreme b*+^ h as she exercises girl power and at the same time a totally winsome heroine." - DC Theatre Scene


By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

“Kathryn Tkel’s Anna Mae is a seductive portrayal of a woman willing to be anything anyone wants her to be, just so long as she gets her name up in lights.” - DC Theatre Scene




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